Potsdam Summer Festival


Jake Whitesell has been one of the most active jazz players in the North Country and has played with Jeff off and on for several years. Jake has made himeself available to play in a variety of ensembles and is a graduate of the Crane School of Music. Jake has his own group and plays often with Bill Viteck on piano and Dan Gigliardi on bass. Kyle Tupper like Jeff graduated from Canton High School and was a member of the Jazz Band and Jazz Vocal Ensemble and now attends the Crane School of Music. Kyle also plays in a variety of jazz groupings on the drum kit and occassional vocals.The summer festival organizers set up the childrens bounce and jump attraction to the left of the stage which I thought was inconsiderate for those wanting to enjoy the music (I also find it curious as to why those who sit down to listen then carry on conversations by shouting over the music).That said the recordings have allot of crowd noise but the performance was still pretty good and worth the archive.