Grease - The Pit Band

Mat played in the pit band for the High School 09 play Grease. Three students including Mat and four professional musicians including Mat's music teacher Tim Savage made up the band. The musical score for Grease was allot of materail to learn in three weeks so I was impressed at how well everyone played and sang. It was obvious from the sold out audience that everyone enjoyed the the play and the music and the acting. I recorded the performance with my Sony stereo recorder and as such it is inheret with artifact room noise and lack of control over vocal/instrument levels however for those that enjoy minimally edited recordings enjoy! I'm happy to see Mat have the opportunity to play with sseasoned players and his peers and it makes it worth the archive for me.

Here are a few select tracks from the play.

1.-Grease Track-sample

2. Grease Track-sample

3. Grease track-sample

4. Grease Track-sample

5. Grease Track Sample

6. Grease Track Sample

7. Grease Track Sample