Gregs Guitar Page

For over three decades Greg has been collecting guitars. While he still owns his original Gibson Blue Ridge it has long been retired and is raely taken out of its case. Several guitars are currently played and while none are (price wise) high end they all are very playable. Typically the acoustics are kept in different tunnings for ease in playing and as each tunning imparts a different chord toneality which is useful in writing. The tunnings used are standard tunning, dropped D, open D, and open G. The following guitars make up the collection:

1. Yamaha FG-400-mahagony body

2.Yamaha CPK8XY-acoustic electric -sycamore body

3.Laraviee parlor-maple body

4.Tacoma Roadking-acoustic electric-mahagony body

6.Yamaha classical-rosewood body

7.Carlo Robelli arched top-electric-maple body

8.Jay Turser- strat copy-electric-alder body

9.Kramer- strat copy-electric-alder body

10. AXL -tele copy-electric -?? body

11.Yamaha fretless base-alder body

12. Gibson Blue Ridge acoustic - rosewood body (in need of restoriation)

13. Johnson acoustic-mahagony body

14. Morgan Monroe-rosewood body

There is a Martin D-28 1/2 way completed in the shop--hopefully to be finished by summer 2005

. Yamaha guitars

Larivee & Tacoma

Carlo Robelli and Yamaha bass.

Yamaha classical and custom built dulcimer by Carl E Latray

Tele and Strat copies

Morgan Monroe 000 body solid rosewood body and ebony fretboard-bridge and headstock-- herringbone trim

Johnson 000 body solid mahagony body and rosewood fretboard,bridge --nice inlay on headstock- thin body with a V neck