Mat All County Band 2006


Mat played percussion (snare drum) for the 2006 Saint Lawrence County "All County Junior High Band". The performance was held at the Ogdensburg Free Academy with all the area schools participating. Selection for the band was based on NYSMA participation and scores from the 2005 testing and evaluations held at the Crane School of Music. Unfortunately Mat did not do a NYSMA for 2006 so participation in next years performance will probably not be an option. The band performance consisted of three songs Mat plays in the 1st two only as there was not a 2nd snare part for the 3rd piece. The players performed well for 7th and 8 grade level players and the audience was enthuastic and appreciative. I recorded the band performance on a Micro Track 24/96 using the stereo mic supplied with the unit recording it as an Mp3 with some minor editing on a software program. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the performance file which will take approx 1-2 minutes to download on a cable connection.


MP3-- All County Junior High Band --2006